Friday, June 7, 2013

All of My Love

(Jumpsuit: Anthropologie, Shrug: F21, Shoes: LuLu's)

Oh hayyy, chambray! There is little I love in life more than denim. It's a border-line obsession. Honestly, if I could dress in head-to-toe denim all day, every day, ala Britney & Justin at the 2001 AMA's, I would. Over a decade later and I still think that all-denim duo was chic beyond belief. This Anthropologie jumpsuit is one of my most favorite articles of clothing ever.eva. AND I got it on super-sonic-sale, to boot! Seriously, I think I bought it for $100 less than the original price (!!!) Don't Anthro, Urban, and Free People have the BEST sales? 


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